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Japanese Katana Swords

We have an extensive selection of swords for beginners, intermediate and advanced iaidoka as well as connoisseurs/ shihans and senseis. We are currently in the middle of completely chaning our sword selection, we are negotiating many new mdels and wish to thank the highly skilled masters that have been crafting our swords till now and have finally decided take a rest. Our selection is currently very dynamic and the models on offer ever changing, for the latest available models click one of the links below.

Basic swords
Exclusive swords
Connoisseur swords


Iaido bokken - wooden sword

Japanese wooden sword - bokken

Each Budostuff iaido wooden sword is made from a solid peace of wood from the Japanese red oak. Each wooden sword (bokken) is perfectly balanced and thus ideal for training. Length of bokken: 101.5 cm (~40"), bokken mass: approx. 700 g (24.6oz.). The bokken wooden weapon comes with a black saya, tsuba and a tsubadome.



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