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Why do we give 100% guarantee on all of our martial arts supplies? And why we haven't had to return money to anybody so far.

Budostuff - original Japanese martial arts supplies.

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Our service is unique:

* We offer exclusively original Japanese equipment for aikido, iaido, judo, karate and kendo. We refuse to make use of cheap labour from other Asian countries nor second rate materials to increase profits. Our main goal is to keep all of our clients happy, and that's why...

* All of our martial arts supplies come with a 100% money back guarantee. This means that if the gear you receive is not tip top, all you have to do is return it to us and we will refund all of your money - no questions asked.

* Every one of our clients is treated individually. We offer to make custom size martial art uniforms for aikido (aikido gi, aikido hakama, aikido obi), iaido (iaido gi, iaido hakama), kendo (kendo gi, kendo hakama) as well as karategi and judogi if you are not a "standard" size. We also offer aikido weapons - aikido bokken, jo, tanto - according to individual requests. Furthermore, we offer embroidery, custom calligraphies as well as a number of Japanese gadgets.

* Our Japanese tradesmen and craftsmen boast over 150 years of tradition in the production of supplies for martial arts such as aikido, iaido, kendo, while our sword smiths from Gifu have over 600 years of family tradition of sword making. It is an honour for Budostuff to be associated with such skilled sword smiths and we are very proud of the Japanese iaito swords we have on offer as well as the sharp swords (shinken).

* Our budo-accessories are not only renowned for their quality in Japan but also in many countries around the world. We can boast official recommendation of the World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo (Hombu dojo) as well as other Japanese organisations from karate, kendo and judo.

* Our budo-accessories are all made in professional workshops by hand as well as with the use of the latest technology and machines. The marriage of traditional Japanese methods together with the latest western technology yields end products of superior quality that is simply hard to match.

* The Budostuff team is made up of people who actively train in the martial arts of aikido, iaido, kendo and so have the personal experience of what really lives up to its name in the dojo. All of our producers are exclusively Japanese experts with a rich tradition and high expertise in their field. Customer service on the other hand is made up of exclusively non-Japanese personnel and are able to easily relate to the needs of customers from all around the world.

* We do our best to process each order immediately, with some orders being send out within a week of being finalised. That's a pretty good record for a firm that deals with clientele from all around the globe.

Our offer:

* Complete martial art equipment for aikido:
Aikido gi, aikido hakama, aikido obi, all with the option of custom sizes and possibility of embroidery - also in Japanese Katakana. As well as aikido weapon - bokken, bokken Iwama-ryu, jo and tanto.

* Complete martial art supplies for iaido:
Iaido gi, iaido hakama, iaido obi, possibility of embroidery, also in Japanese Katakana, as well as a very good selection of iaito swords

* Martial art gear for kendo, karate and judo can be ordered on a case by case basis

* Japanese Calligraphy, hand painted by our skilled calligrapher, Mr Suzuki Norio

* A good selection of Japanese gadgets, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, footwear and others.

Contact us:

Budostuff Co.
Kamimiyaji-cho 14-36, Chichibu-shi
Saitama-ken 368-0024, Japan
tel: +81-494-24-4540


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