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- Japanese Katana Swords -

We are currently in the middle of completely chaning our sword selection, we are negotiating many new mdels and wish to thank the highly skilled masters that have been crafting our swords till now and have finally decided take a rest. Our selection is currently very dynamic and the models on offer ever changing, for the latest available models click one of the links below.

Katana swords

Sharp swords (SHINKEN)


Iaido bokken - wooden sword

Japanese wooden sword - bokken

Each Budostuff iaido wooden sword is made from a solid peace of wood from the Japanese red oak. Each wooden sword (bokken) is perfectly balanced and thus ideal for training. Length of bokken: 101.5 cm (~40"), bokken mass: approx. 700 g (24.6oz.). The bokken wooden weapon comes with a black saya, tsuba and a tsubadome.



- Iaido Uniforms -

Iaito uniform - Hakama

Iaido uniform - hakamaBeautiful Budostuff Iaido uniform hakama are made according to the long standing traditional Japanese striped pattern (shimabakama). Made to ideally fit to your body, accentuating and adding beauty to every movement. Made to order for best fit.





Iaido uniform - gi

iaido uniform - giOur high quality iaido gi uniforms available in tetron or 100% cotton. The cotton gi uniform has a slight sheen providing that touch of elegance and style that makes a difference. Chose from white or black. Also available Iaido shitagi uniform - the fine undershirt traditionally worn under the Iaido gi.




Iaido unifrom - obi and kakuobi

Iaidio uniform - obiIaido uniform - obi are wide belt, 100% cotton, ideal for tucking your sword under. Choose from: black and white, two widths, and three lenghts.

Iaido uniform - kakuobi are wide belts, with ornamental patterns. 100% cotton, made according to traditional Japanese methods. Choose from 12 different colours. Kakuobi size: 10cm (3.9") x 3m (118"). Custom belts made on request.


What is Iaido

Iaido is the art of swift drawing of the sword and contra-attack in one fluid movement, in response to an unforeseen attack from an opponent. The purpose of mastering this art in ancient Japan was to train in self defence in case of a sudden attack during everyday activities.

The effectiveness of the defence in such a situation was primarily dependent on the exactness and precision of judging distance, an intuitive perception of the direction of the attack and the perfection of the execution of the technique all intimately linked with a complete mind-body unification.

Similarly to other traditional Japanese martial arts containing the element "do", which means "way", in their name, the purpose of training in this martial art is not to learn to kill but for spiritual growth and development. Training provides a "way" for constant growth and development of the mind-body unification, and the perfection of gracefulness of movements, technique and inner harmony.

Keeping in mind the aims that students of the art of iaido, Budostuff is very pleased to be able to offer you high quality uniforms, Japanese swords, and iaido accessories made in Japan, using Japanese quality materials and according to traditional methods. We are completely certain that you will be pleased with the excellent quality of the iaido gear offered by Budostuff and that you will be able to find something of interest to you.


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