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Japanese calligraphy. Beautiful art -
great oriental gift ideas!


Looking for the special and unique gift? The orient is renowned for its mystique and beauty. Why not give your loved one a beautiful peace of oriental art - Japanese calligraphy or scroll with their name! For an extensive database of name translations visit the "name translator" and type your name in, remember to set the style to "calligraphy" and just click "translate". Scroll down the page for more information.

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takemusu aiki calligraphyTakemusu aiki scrolls

The calligraphy Takemusu Aiki can be literally translated to "Brave, Creative Force of Harmony". Takemusu Aiki is one of the fundamental concepts of Aikido created by Morihei Ueshiba. Among the many works of art in the form of calligraphy hand written by O'Sesnei, Takemusu Aiki is one of the most important ones. 135 x 40 cm (52.7" by 15.7"). This beautiful Japanese calligraphy scroll can decorate not only your aikido dojo but also make a great addition to your room, giving it that exotic oriental touch.



Custom calligraphy scrolls - a great Japanese gift!

custom Japanese calligraphy scrollsBudostuff has signed a contract with a truly masterful Japanese calligrapher and traditional scroll makers.

Scrolls containing calligraphy, poetry or painting, which in Japan are hung in "Japanese style" rooms (washitsu) or, dojo can also decorate the wall of your room, adding that exotic oriental mystique.

We are delighted to offer you exquisite, hand written scrolls with beautiful Japanese calligraphy of your choice at very competitive prices. Every piece of calligraphy carries the red seal of our calligrapher.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing of your order.


Japanese calligraphy

japanese calligraphy - loveAnother great idea for an exotic and unusual Japanese gift - custom made calligraphy from Budostuff! Exquisite, hand written Japanese calligraphy with text of your choice. You can order calligraphy with Martial Arts motives or any other text. All are painted on extra thick Japanese paper (shikishi).

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of your order.


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