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A Safer, Healthier, Wealthier Home Life

This exclusive info-software brings readers tips for a safer, healthier, wealthier home life. Not only does it show how to keep away criminals, con artists, bill collectors and traffic cops, it tells how to sleep better, lose weight, eat a sensible diet and much, much more.

Even better, this handsome program becomes a lucrative Mail Order product for you! Customers love the fact that they can not only use the tips to become safe, healthy and wealthy but also resell the product along with complete resale and reproduction rights.

What This Info Report Software Contains

"Consumer Defender & Awareness Reports" for Windows 95/98 uses a good-looking, fun-to-use software interface to deliver 20 reports on home and family betterment. Its insider information isn't readily available, which will have consumers clamoring to learn the secrets it reveals, such as:

Seven steps to repairing a damaged credit rating (tested and perfectly legal!)
Never-before-revealed secrets of millionaires (learn from celebrities Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, Sophie Tucker and others)
How to sleep better (the proper temperature of your bedroom makes an enormous difference, and it should be cooler than you think)
Simple but powerful ways to hold on to your earnings (did you know it's not a good idea to use early payment discounts?)
Ways to lower the cost of auto insurance (can you believe that good grades in school may do it?)
How to keep your valuables out of the hands of burglars (ten hiding places burglars are highly unlikely to find your stuff)
Where and how to get free grant money from the government (over $30 billion gets given away to ordinary people!)
How to really and truly lose weight (throw away your calorie counters -- here's why)
Thirty ways to save money on car fuel (stash these secrets away for safe keeping, because fuel prices will go up again soon)

Crucial Knowledge From First-Class Software!

This top-quality Info-Report Software looks great, is fun to use, loads easily and can be sold for a high price. Why? Because when you resell it, you also sell buyers the right to reproduce it on their home computer for resale so that it becomes a money-maker for them as well as an enlightening teaching tool. That makes this product irresistible!

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of people like you, searching for a way to improve themselves through an honest business. "Create, Publish and Profit from Information Mail Order Products" is exclusive Info-Report Software that satisfies this monumental need!

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