Our equipment is officially recognised by the World Aikido Headquarters, Tokyo

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Budostuff offer

Why its worth having Japanese equipment:

Japanese training gear and equipment is renowned around the world for its high quality of workmanship and materials. It is simply the best equipment! Budostuff can offer you the following comments based on personal use and comments from our clients:

  1. its light and durable,
  2. the cut is very professional and is well fitted to your body,
  3. it washes well and even over long periods it doesn't lose colour.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, quick delivery and complete confidentiality of all your personal details. Full money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the training gear. This guarantee does not include instances where you have placed an incorrect order (e.g. wrong size, colour or colour of embroidery, or the text for embroidery etc.). Please note that equipment with embroidery is not subject to returns or exchange.



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