Our equipment is officially recognised by the World Aikido Headquarters, Tokyo

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Welcome to the Budostuff website!

We invite you to take this opportunity to take advantage of our attractive offer to obtain original, all Japanese martial arts gear and accessories, made by a local producer, Suzuki Nori Shoten. Budostuff budo-accessories are of the highest quality and are not only very well known in Japan but are also becoming increasing sought on the international scene. Budostuff are proud to present training gear that has the official recognition of the the World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo (Hombu dojo) as well as the main Japanese organisations of karate, kendo and judo.

Budostuff accessories are crafted by skilled professionals party by hand as well as with the use of machines, thus, combining the traditional craftsmanship techniques with a higher degree of precision and the best modern technology. The manufactured equipment is stored for only short periods before being distributed to our clients.

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