Payment by International Postal Money Order (IPMO)

If you do not have a credit card this is by far the best method to make
your payment! While not the fastest method of payment, it is cheap and
100% safe since it cannot be cashed by anybody, except the recipient.

In summary all you have to do is get an IMPO from your local post
office and send it to us by air mail. When we receive your letter we go
and cash it and then start processing your order.

An IPMO is available at any post office that handles "postal savings"
We do NOT accept any other money order, such as standard money
order, personal check or bank check because the fees to cash such
orders are very high in Japan and it takes months!

You need to make sure that there are all 4 words
are present on your money order. If we receive any other type of money
order or a check we will return it to you.

Please make your International Postal Money Order payable to
Suzuki Norio
3-12-4 Kitasenzoku, Ohta-ku
145-0062 Tokyo

If a money order can only be issued in your local currency please make
sure that the payment is in an equivalent amount. Please ask for details
at your local post office. You are required to take responsibility for
any charges related to the money order.

Once you have your money order please send it to us by air mail, to the
same address as specified above and inform us by email of the order
number and the date when you posted the money order to us.

We can start processing your order once we finalise your payment.
We will inform you when we receive your payment in the mail and
again when we ship your order.

If you have any questions please contact us at: