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2012-12-17 23:45:46

I ordered a Bokken and knife. Everything came in a timely manner...actually, quicker than I had anticipated. The packaging was very secure and everything arrived safely. The quality and beauty are indescribable. My son\'s Sensei thought the craftsmanship was beautiful and perfectly weighted and FAST! Thank you!

B.A. Waite

2012-09-21 15:40:08

I ordered my Hakama from Budostuff for the first time. It arrived almost 4 weeks later, in a wonderful parcel. It is just as I ordered it, in great quality and the feeling, wearing it in the dojo, is really something else! My sensei also admired it and ordered himself one too! Thanks for the communication also and the fine embroidery.

Nikos Orfanos

2012-02-08 07:29:10

I fell in love at my first grap of my Bokken and Jo.. Light and sober.. neat form.. cool brute color.. perfect balance.. Thanks a lot..

Zeynep Ece Arabul GŁnel

2011-08-15 19:24:49

Ordered a batch of 6 black belts with embroidery. They arrived very quickly and are of fantastic quality.

Don Ellingsworth

2010-05-17 15:59:41

Hakama arrived within 2 weeks of my order and was exactly as it was described. Will definitely recommend this site to others and will order in the future.

Karen Kalliel

2010-02-28 17:41:07

Dear Budostuff, I received my Hakama today and it is absolutely gorgeous..! It fits like a glove and the embroidery is just perfect. Thank you very much..! Looking forward to doing business with you soon, Best Regards, JurriŽn

JurriŽn Veerman
The Netherlands

2009-03-18 23:55:27

I ordered and received a tanto in good order and condition. Thanks very much for the quick turnaround. Using this blade allows me to seriously focus on my practice of tanto idori.

Bob Mooney

2009-02-07 11:12:04

i thought it only fair to leave a note saying that the customer service at budostuff was excellent, something even remotely close in England would be more than welcome,also the quality of the hakama i ordered was very good, strong enough to last years due to weight of the cotton. The only thing thats a bit of a surprise and no fault of budostuff who do advise of the possibility, is customs costs on entry into England, this extra cost came in at 24 pounds, not much but enough for a suprise. my hakama came though really quickly, within 10 days of order. My thanks go out to Mareck and all staff at budostuff.

nick bates

2008-12-19 20:46:54

Thanks Budostuff for the quick delivery of a good quality Hakama. Nice job!

Danny Horsch
The Netherlands

2008-11-22 15:20:03

Perfect service and fast delivery to my hotel in Japan. Very good Gaku Many thanks

Monika Kessler

2008-11-14 00:45:57

Love the Takemusu Aiki Scroll. Loved the quick delivery, friendly service and even better follow-up even more. Great stuff from Budostuff..! Looking forward to doing business with you guys soon.. Best regards, JurriŽn

JurriŽn Veerman
The Netherlands

2008-10-25 04:22:59

Dear Marek, Thanks for your prompt answers to all of my questions! All of the buki I ordered arrived in perfect condition and are very beautiful. I have only had a chance to use them a little bit in class but they seem to be very durable and my more experienced classmates are asking where I got them from and admiring them, so I am recommending you very highly to anyone looking for their own buki. Sincerely, Bruce

Bruce Gifford

2008-04-26 21:30:54

Thank you Budostuff!! Very good equipment and follow-up by the budostuff team!!

Schabaille Romain

2008-02-27 13:28:29

I love my new gi! But most important, the customer service is superb. They phoned me twice in order to be sure of my order, and kept me posted about the whereabouts of my parcel. I am looking forward to ordering more stuff!!!

Juan-Enrique Schwarze

2008-02-18 21:19:03

Budostuff is the best. My order, hakama and gi, was delivered in last week. Everyone in my dojo asked where I bought them because of their excellent fit, quality of material and workmanship. The other point, which makes BudoStuff is the best, is the excellent customer service. All of my questions replied quickly (no more than one day). I would like to thank you Marec. And I strongly recommend Budostuff to everyone.

Onder Albayrak

2008-01-07 19:54:37

I ordered a "Takemusu Aiki" scroll at Budostuff - it was delivered in less than two weeks after ordering. I am very satisfied with Budostuff`s service. They kept in touch with me until I told them to have the scroll received. And also the scroll is very beautiful - it is not hand painted, but never the less it`s prety nice =)

Christian Zwerenz

2007-12-13 13:40:49

Very pleased with both my order and the friendly efficient service

Diane Grainger

2007-12-02 15:10:42

Many thanks for the very fast delivery. You of Budostuff since very reliable business partner. Your customer contact is exemplary. The satisfaction of your customers is absolutely in the foreground. Again thanks for the successful purchase.


2007-11-28 01:31:26

received my order today (iaido-gi embroided & kaku-obi) -excellent and VERY FAST service -wonderfull stuff; excactly what i was looking for (very beautiful embrodery) 10 out of 10


2007-10-22 04:39:09

Thank you Budostuff, I purchased an Iwama ryu boken and Jo, and I am completely satisfied as much the weapons as with the service. I received response for every email I send and in 3 weeks I had my package by EMS Service. I'm very grateful, and hope to make business with you again. Regards, Gilberto Ferrer.

Gilberto Ferrer

2007-10-03 07:56:12

Thanks a lot for the wonderful calligraphy Marek! It is beautyful and arrived much earlier than I expected. Just great!


2007-09-21 13:44:54

I would just like to thank Marek and the team for the Hakama and obi i ordered through them.The fit,quality of materials and workmanship are excellent. Thanks again Andy

andy thompson

2007-09-13 11:19:24

First of all i like to thank Marek, and all the support team, simply the best! Top notch material and quick delivery! As a regular costumer i'll continue to recommend Budostuff to everyone in the dojo, no doubt!

Valerio Farias

2007-08-27 16:25:32

BudoStuff rocks! I ordered an obi with my name embroidered in Japanese and received it all the way from Japan in a couple of days. It was actually delivered on a Sunday! Best customer service I've ever experienced. Highly recommended. L. Zaslow

Lawrence Zaslow
United States

2007-05-19 06:32:22

I got myself an Aikido Dogi from Budostuff. Budosstuff has a very friendly attitude to its customers making me feel, being an international customer, completely at ease with the whole transaction. The Gi is of exceptional quality. I will surely recommend Budostuff to a lot more Indian practioners who find it very difficult to find quality equipment locally.

Joji John

2007-04-16 08:56:41

I'm very pleased with service provided an item supplied by Budostuff. I purchased IAITO from Budostuff and I'm very satisfied with the quality of IAITO. The IAITO has good balance (compare with other IAITO I used to use for the IAIDO training) and good quality of craftsmanship. The Budostuff is also very responsive and helpful to their customer. I recommend Budostuff to my partners when they need to purchase any stuff for their AIKIDO and IAIDO training.


2007-04-10 20:58:22

My compliments to the BudoStuff team for their excellent customer service. From day one they have been extremelly helpfull and considerate in fullfilling the order. The hakama purchashed is of the best quality material and no need to mention the delivery time!! Arrivend in one week only... I reccommend Budostuff to everyone! Thanks!

Mario Mavris

2007-02-01 11:43:10

Excellent communication and service. The hakama received was of excellent quality and I am very pleased with the service provided. I will be recommending you to all my aikido training partners when they are requiring their hakamas.

des Connor

2006-12-27 01:10:12

This is the secnd time I have ordered from you, and I was impressed with how quickly you filled the order -- all th way from Japan! Keep up the god work.

Michael Gallagher

2006-12-14 09:51:44

I have received my order and I can not tell you how pleased I am with the quality of service you have provided me. My scripts are absolutely beautiful and I can not wait to place my next order for my friends, I'll do that after the first of the year. Thank you again for all of your assistance and Happy Holidays!

Sandra Lister

2006-12-11 03:27:00

Bought hakama, I am pleased with the quality of the material, workmanship and a fast delivery. Thank you.


2006-11-27 13:11:31

It's a very pleasure to me to thanks Budostuff for all the steps starting from my order, shipment and delivery assistance. All the materials recevived are of the best quality and fully covering my expectation. The follow-up has been done perfectly. I will be glad to purchase something else at the soonest.

Roberto De Vito

2006-11-13 06:06:51

I was amazed by the fast shipping, especially considering from Japan to South Africa. The friendly correspondence from the Budostuff-team made it a lot easier to order and let them know exactly what I wanted. And the quality of their products you won't get elsewhere. For any aikidoka, no other website is needed.

Iben Botha
South Africa

2006-10-20 20:31:41

I was extremely and positively surprised how quick the shipping was. Not to forget the astonishing quality. The customer-service was great and kind as well!I will surely order again at budostuff and recommend it to my fellow aikidoka.

Oliver Ahmann

2006-09-05 17:50:07

I was very impressed with the quality of the bokken, jo, and tanto I purchased from budostuff, as was my Sensei. They are very light and strong. The furoshiki was a lovely bonus surprise as well. In addition, Budostuff's email customer service is excellent! I will reccommend Budostuff to my own students an colleagues! Thanks!

Jonathan Knipping
United States

2006-08-24 03:00:04

Thank u for being as usual very caring, very quick and perfect in everything. Hope to have business in the future.

Ramy Shoela

2006-08-23 19:45:19

I just recieved my Aikido Gaku from you guys. I`m very pleased with it it came in very good condition and came very fast when you look at the fact that the Gaku was out of stock just a week ago. Thankzzzz alot it will really look good in our dojo thank you.

Roy Vrijs
The Netherlands

2006-08-20 14:15:39

I am very happy with the quality of the Jo, bokken and tanto; customer service is excellent, you went the extra yard for my stuff and I am really pleased Thank you. My sensei will start ordering stuff from your web site for our dojo. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Arturo Amador

2006-07-25 11:43:45

Excellent website. Excellent corrospondence/communication between Budostuff and the customer. You can tell they want to please and take customer service seriously, and they do. Very pleased with the 'stuff': quality through and through. Aikido and equipment in true harmony. No need to go elsewhere. Well done!

colin morgan
United Kingdom

2006-06-20 07:15:20

I was satisfied once again with your product, but I have a suggestion. The strings on the hakama are now twice as wide as they were when I ordered one three years ago. I think they are too wide in their current form. I recommend that they be narrower like they used to be. Other than that, it's a great hakama.

Mike Siciliano

2006-05-21 19:01:18

Budostuff is Fantastic !! Marek is very Helpfull !! I have bought an Aikido Gi, 2 shiroobi, a full set of Aikido buki and an Iwama Ryu Boken over the past 3 years. the quality is the best !! the shipping is fast !! the service and comunication with Marek is fast and friendly. will buy more stuff from them and reccomend budostuff to any one who does Aikido. "Domo arigato gozaimashita" 10/10 !!!

Matthew Gilbert

2006-03-16 08:48:17

Ordered 2 iai-gi with quite a bit of embroidery and they arrived wonderfully packaged. The embroidery itself was essentially what I had been hoping for. Very pleased with the service and quality - will be hoping to order more items in future.

Jonathan Tow

2006-02-18 08:09:40

I am very satisfied of the purchase. My compliments for the rapidity, the precision and the professionalism. In the future I will surely return to purchase Your products. Thanks of everything. P.S. Mine "Higo Koshirae Izo" is Marvelous!!!

Alessandro Centola

2005-12-29 02:09:59

Great products! Japanese Quality! Great Customer Service. ThanX to Marek and Budostuff. 4 1/2 stars of 5 Rated!

Karnt Srisuwan

2005-10-21 07:07:36

First and foremost , Marek of BudoStuff is very helpful and thus making the experience in purchasing any proiduct with Budostuff a wondewrful experience.....package arrived , all's well , got what i wanted and very please with the quality promised on the wedsite ..... : ) Peace Jon

Jonathan Yeo
Singapore / Indonesia

2005-09-05 09:52:39

I just received my package, and its a very, very good quality!!!! Realy 1st classs!! The belt, the sweatshirt, the "secret gift", hakama, every thing very beautifull. The bokken iwama-ryu have a nice quality to. The client suport its unbelievable!!! Marek Is always present to help. No doubt, im a new client from budostuff and i will recommend budostuff to everyone at the dojo. Best Regards to everyone at Budostuff.


2005-07-08 15:49:46

Dear Budostuff, Thanks for your website! For your information Lyngby Kendo Club still offer Traditional Japanese style of Fencing. Best regards Jallbjorn Lyngby Kendo Club

Mr. Jallbjorn

2005-06-24 13:32:40

Thank you very much for this very sympathic deal. Very good quality for my aikido-gi and my black belt: the embroideries are very beautyful too. Long life to Budostuff. JR

Romain Jolivet
France /Brittany

2005-06-24 06:36:44

It's really an execellent experience to contact with your good company. My difficulties encountered during the sales were easily solved with your assistance without delay. I am very satisfied with high quality of aikido scrolls I ordered. Thank you very much.

Chyuanjeng Lin

2005-06-09 07:53:21

I was presently surprised when the Buki carrying cas I ordered arrived about a week after I ordered it. I hadn't expected that! Thank you.

Michael Gallagher
United States

2005-06-05 13:05:07

The order arrived safely today (order placed 27-May, received 4-June) with all the equipment as specified, OK and in fine shape. Domo! Thank you! I am impressed but not surprised with the speed of the shipping methods you use.

Peter Schrauth

2005-02-22 14:13:46

Very good quality, super fast delivery and very nice email contact. We have found a new supplier of martial arts and aikido products with Budostuff. Thanks ! Regards Manuel Schmidt www.swords-and-more.com

Manuel Schmidt

2005-02-21 11:03:17

Thank you for your good service and fast delivery. My order came under 3 weeks and hakama plus embroidery looks great. Now all I need is hard training!

Jari A.

2005-02-18 00:25:49

Outstanding customer service and products! Really appreciate your follow-ups and keeping us informed every step of the way.

Mike Slaven

2005-02-14 07:52:15

I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the speed of delivery. Thanx a bunch

genco koprulu

2005-01-15 19:37:00

I placed my first order last month and even with the busy Christmas period received my goods in double quick time and in excellent condition. I would highly recommend Budostuff to anyone who needs good quality martial arts gear.

Jai Cook
Great Britain

2005-01-06 10:21:26

I make my first order last month.It's useless to say that i am excited with the quality, service, and delivery time, because those things are predetermined. The things i received are top of the class, and i say that having allready a 25 year martial arts backround behind me.The most important thing is that all the Budostuff personnel, put their Hearts behind their job. That's why i don't consider myself just a customer but also a happy friend.


2004-12-30 21:32:03

Just received my Gi and Obi,and i am very pleased with the quality and service. 1st class. Confirmation of order was as promised backed up with an e-mail. Will be shopping with you again,and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. The free gifts were very much appreciated as well. Best Regards to everyone at Budostuff.

Ron Coomber

2004-12-26 14:55:38

Excellent service! Questions were answered in less than 24hrs. Order confirmation / order shipped follow up by E-mail. Placed my order on the 13th & recieved it on the 25th.(Xmas day) 3 days shipping with full tracking visability. Thanks guys -Steve

Steven Kay
United States

2004-12-19 19:47:04

Great service, good email follow-up. A little bit pricey, but the services and goods are worth it. Only wish some of the internet merchants would follow the business ethic.

Bryan Nguyen

2004-11-24 18:53:43

Superb kimono and excellent communication. The promise to reduce the delivery period should satisfy the greatest number of purchasers. Cheer and long life with Budostuff!


2004-11-11 04:36:46

Great customer service. E-mail acknowledgements and follow-up. Articles are first-rate. I'll be ordering more in future.

Stephen Larder

2004-11-01 15:19:32

Just received my Kakuobi and all I can say that the quality is outstanding. Also received my Iaito case with my name stiched which is also great work. I will certainly be buying from budostuff again. Customer support is A+ with usually an email response within the same day.

Daniel Quong

2004-10-11 12:13:19

I received my hakama with embroidery in the forushiki wrap and I must say I'm very impressed by the quality. Thank you very much. You'll hear more from me in the future!

Dawid Oosthuizen
South Africa

2004-09-24 04:54:48

I got the scroll yesterday and it is beautiful. Both the product quality and the speed of delivery greatly exceeded my expectations. Feel free to quote me on that! ;-)

Chett Rubenstein

2004-09-20 13:45:05

This is the second time I have ordered from budostuff. Impressed with the speed and accuracy of the order fulfillment and the quality of the goods.

Derek Webb

2004-08-11 06:24:07

this is probably the most unique and non-fake site i have ever seen, i love the real Japanese art and items you sell... Amazing!...how can i get a catalog?!...

Brad DeGeer

2004-07-28 11:26:39

All goods from budostuff were of the highest quality. They came very well presented. I will be using budo stuff in the future for all my Aikido equipment and would recommended budostuff to anybody.

James Dillon

2004-07-23 11:43:10

I ordered an aikido gi. It is very nice, quick dilevery, nice stiching and embroidery. From now on Iīm a returning customer.


2004-07-11 18:52:36

top quality hakama and obi , very prompt and efficient service. highly recommended.

tony mchugh

2004-06-21 02:13:22

All the are excelent I'm very happy with the quality of the items.

Fausto Marta

2004-06-14 09:58:08

Many thanks for the prompt and professional service. My kakejiku arrived without a hitch and was exactly what I was looking for. The bonus was also much appreciated. Thoroughly recommended!

Chris Tozer
United Kingdom

2004-03-15 17:42:06

Dear Budostuff, thankyou for the gi (Yoshinkan Aikido) I received on sunday. It was beautifully wrapped and the embroidary was exactly what I was after. I would not hesitate to order from you guys again. Many thanks Mark Mark J Tallon BSc MSc PhD CBiol MIBiol CEO Oxygenics Ltd

Mark Tallon
United Kingdom

2004-01-29 09:28:09

Today I received the gi and obi. They are really beautiful, and I am extremely pleased with them. The embroidery is just perfect. Many thanks, and I will recommend budostuff.com to everyone at the dojo!

Alan Iliff

2004-01-29 09:26:34

I was extremely impressed with quality and workmanship, and have recommended your company to fellow martial artists. I would also like to thank you for your helpful e-mails; the standard of your customer service has been exceptional. Thanks again, and I look forward to ordering more items with you in the future.

Catherine Hoskin

2004-01-27 23:54:04

My Gi and Hakama were shipped VERY quickly (I thought it was going to take a lot longer than 10 days for my items since they all had custom embroidery)!!! They all fit perfectly and if anyone asks where I got my gi or hakama... I'm gonna send them straight to you! The quality of the items is unmatched. I can't believe how nice the Gi, obi, and hakama are! Thanks for the great service and I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future!

2004-01-26 03:57:45

The hakamas are outstanding. When I opened the package for your hakama I was amazed at how much thicker and nicer the material was. The koshiita was more flexible and elastic than my last one. I was really surprised when I saw the obi strings. They were stitched like my black belt and as a result they were stronger and resisted creasing. The openings in the side were also larger and made it sit nicer. The entire thing feels great and feels made just for me because it is. After seeing your product hands on I can now say that I won\'t bother ever ordering from another company. I think this product is wonderful and I will recommend it to everybody in the dojo. Mike Siciliano Shodan, Kodokai Aikido Temecula, CA USA

Mike Siciliano

2003-12-19 14:40:01

Perfect service and fast delivery.

mario de mol

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